"You say obvious things in a really interesting and thoughtful way."
-Chicago cab driver to Tania

"I was thoroughly impressed with Tania’s friendliness and professionalism. It was an extreme pleasure to work with her. She gave a fantastic presentation that engaged our members and encouraged their participation. They interacted with her and took notes throughout the program. Tania was so personable that she even stepped right in and engaged with our members during the networking portion of our event before the program began. I can’t say enough positive words about her! The program itself provided excellent, hand-on tools that attendees could implement in their organizations. Our attendance for this event was at a record high due to this amazing topic."

- Heather Woods, Marketing and Communications, BOMA

"Tania's change-management, communications and team-building expertise have been invaluable to my professional development. I first began working with her through my former employer, a 12-person staff working through her 5 Dysfunctions of a Team. Through her coaching, that group experienced an increase in employee engagement and motivation. With her guidance, we were able to establish, prioritize and achieve a number of major and minor goals. When I changed jobs, I knew Tania's coaching would be invaluable to my transition. Her one-on-one coaching has provided me with a host of communications and troubleshooting tools I didn't previously possess. Tania is worth every dollar, and I have recommended her to other individuals and companies looking to overcome behavioral barriers, grow management skills and improve leadership capabilities."
-Christine Calvin, Director of Communications & Marketing, Crocker Art Museum
"I had the wonderful opportunity to have Tania come visit our organization in Liberia and work with our members in Bosh Bosh for three intense full days. Mind you that our facilities were in no fancy offices or paved roads, our space was located in a small rural town called, Salala, where there’s no electricity or running water. 

Tania not only surpassed all my expectations, but also really immersed herself within the Liberian culture and got to know and connect with all our members on a personal level. Her wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm brought our entire team so much closer and in tune with what our immediate and future goals were. With her guidance we found clarity to not only what our mission and purpose as an organization as a whole was, but she re-aligned our importance as an individual that formed part of a team. She highlighted all our talents, strengths and uniqueness and brought them all together so that we could see the magic of us all in this organization. 

I highly recommend Tania come work with your company, organization, team, and or any type of groups of people that are seeking guidance and advice on how to have individuals become a healthy and well-structured team. Her ability to adapt to any type of context is amazing and very admirable. Her time with us will always be remembered fondly and her lessons taught will always be ingrained in us."
-Charlene Espinoza, Founder & CEO, Bosh Bosh 
"Tania facilitated a one-day retreat for our leadership team to focus on temperament and interaction styles. It was a very positive experience for the group; it opened up lines of communication between the members of the team and enabled us to have a clearer understanding of why we have had challenges in our interactions. Tania is a great facilitator, warm, insightful, humorous, fast on her feet. Our group, which had its share of cynics and doubters, is very highly educated and could be dismissive of "corporate speak" or trendy management terms. Tania worked her wonders in an intelligent, perceptive, and yet very accessible way. We all walked out feeling like we had spent a productive day. We hope to continue to work with Tania and I certainly recommend her."
-Valerie Pechenik, Chief HR Officer, Asian Art Museum of SF
"I had the benefit of spending two full days with Tania in an immersive set of workshops she conducted for our staff and the local youth in Camellia Network. 

Tania's management of team dynamics is masterful. She has a unique ability to take a group as diverse as ours (executives, program staff, former foster youth), and make everyone feel immediately at ease and connected -- to her, the subject matter and each other. 

I've spent countless hours sitting through workshops and training sessions, and it is rare to find someone so adept at striking a balance between academic explanations and real world applications. Her facilitation provided just the right amount of control and freedom to manage our time and allow us to dig deeply into topics that had everyone fired up and sharing. 

Committing time away from the daily work of our organization and mission is a sacrifice. Tania appreciated this and made every bit of the time we had together worthwhile. 

The best part of all is that Tania's heart is a big as her intellect. Through her empathy and compassion, she established an environment that makes these sessions actually work; enabling everyone open up and feel safe speaking candidly and from the heart. 

Each of us was left with renewed sense of ourselves and comfort zones, and an appreciation for the orientation of others. This has helped bond us as a team and become better attuned to each person's unique way of navigating the world. Time spent with Tania is like unlocking information about about yourself that will help you become a better and more effective leader, manager, coworker, parent, friend. A session with Tania is a gift every manager needs to give him/herself and team."
-Isis Dallis, Director of Brand Strategy, BKWLD
"It’s rare that you come across such an inspiring coach as Tania. 

I had the pleasure of taking part in The Five Dysfunctions of a Team workshop organized by Interplay Coaching and I am currently collaborating with Tania on growing as a leader, a manager and an artist. 

Tania’s knowledge of the group process and coaching techniques is impressive and made a big difference in the productivity level of our team. She taught us about different communication styles and utilizing our differences to our advantage. She outlined a path for our team and helped us clarify our goals. 

Not only is Tania an expert in her field but she also sincerely cares for her clients’ success. She’s not afraid to push people, which brings outstanding results. 

I am particularly grateful to her for giving me the courage to follow my dreams and do what I’ve always wanted but was too afraid to pursue. 

As a business coach and a leader, that people want to follow, Tania earns my highest recommendations. I wish you having her on your team."
-Zuza Hicks, Designer, Uptown Studios
"It was a pleasure to work with Tania this year, focusing on assertiveness in leadership. Tania's mastery of assessing individual personality, temperament, and interaction styles allowed me to recognize gaps in my daily interactions and ways to improve communications. With Tania expertise and assistance, I am looking forward to turning my self-discovery into habits that will ensure future success. I highly recommend Tania's coaching to anyone willing to put the time in and be open to change."
-Phil Kimura, Sr. Manager, Information Solutions at VSP
"I knew that my desire to take our organization to the next level meant changing the way I did business as a leader. What I didn’t know before working with Tania Fowler was what real leadership looked like or how transformative this process would be for the entire agency. Tania is a master at guiding a team through this evolutionary process; from the 5 Dysfunctions training to the one-on-one coaching. It has forever changed the way our organization does business."
-Staci Anderson, Executive Director, People Reaching Out
"The service you provided to the team was outstanding and they continue to embrace the concepts and look for ways to build upon them. I look forward to working with your company again in the future and believe every companycan benefit from the services Interplay Coaching provides."
-Laura Di Piero, Director, Human Resources, Seagate Technology

“The three hour training- starting at 6:00 pm after most people had a long work day- flew by. I did not feel tired; rather, I felt both physically and mentally energized. I am writing this recommendation the day after the event, and already putting skills I've learned in to practice.”
- Donielle Prince, Assistant Director, Center for Teacher Quality at CSU, Chancellor's Office

"Tania’s expertise as a highly skilled leadership coach has contributed greatly to the Springboard Schools coaches training and support program... Tania’s expertise in these areas is excellent and I would rank her among the top 2% of consultants with whom I have worked in education and organization reform and leadership development. Her work ethic is excellent and I have great trust in her ability to deliver on time with an excellent work product, be it written materials or program delivery. At Springboard Schools Tania has worked with a diverse group of both staff and other consultants. Her people skills are extraordinary. She is a problem- solver, a team dependable team player, direct in her ability to analyze a situation and skilled in her ability to communicate."
-Catherine A. Townsley, Managing Director of Programs, Springboard Schools

"Tania uses a fun and effective style to bring perspective to otherwise difficult situations. Her curious and creative nature, allow her to bring clarity to situations and help individuals uncover practical ways to resolve or manage those things that can often become stifling. I do not hesitate to recommend Tania to anyone who is willing to grow."
-Michael McKernan, Director of Operations, Granite Land

"Tania's skills are top of the line when it comes to engaging different personalities in a work setting and promoting conversation that ultimately improves the bottom line. In an age when strategy and corporate communications are critical components of success, Tania is able to identify problem areas, create productive conversation, and design a plan that will aid in the overall efficiency and productivity for a company. While Tania mostly works with businesses, she has an amazing talent with individuals as well. I've been able to harness my own strengths and weaknesses courtesy of her coaching and maximize my potential and opportunities at UCSF's School of Medicine. I highly recommend her as both a personal and/or business coach if you find that your direction or productivity has become stagnant or disparate."
-Lara Pheatt, Analyst, University of California at San Francisco

"I have learned so much from Tania Fowler! In our coaching sessions, she has helped me to turn nebulous ideas into clear focus. She has helped me discover new strengths that I never knew existed. Her sincere and caring demeanor opened the door to honest coaching conversations in which I always felt I came out with new knowledge and skills. She is a true professional!"
-Don Wise, Professor of Education and Educational Consultant, California State University at Fresno