In 2016 Gallup, Inc. came out with a bunch of research on the millennials. They interviewed 1 million of them across the USA and found some interesting results about their changing views of how they will shape work-life in America.

Contrary to what many people have come to believe about Millennials, Gallup found that they are not a spoiled, self-centered, trophy-needing lot, but rather the opposite: an enlightened and optimistic generation bent on creating better and more purpose-driven lives. I’ve added 3 Millennials to the world and know their Millennial friends, my friend’s Millennial kids, and my Millennial clients and I have to say that I whole-heartedly agree with Gallup’s conclusions.

Gallup found something they are calling “The Big Six”:

are not engaged at work.
— 2016 Gallup, Inc.; Research

Tania Fowler of Interplay Coaching will dig into this research in fuller detail helping your organization, association, or business community better understand the 73 million American Millennials now leading you, working for you, and alongside you. You will use this compelling information to inform changes in how you lead and structure your organization to engage the biggest and most impactful workforce of our lifetime. If you are not of this generation you will find this talk enlightening and actionable. If you are of this generation you will find it validating and helpful. If you are the Gen Z’er’s coming up you will recognize much of this and nod along.

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