What is an executive coach?

A coach stands with you, helps you, and encourages you, and challenges you to reach your outer limits. A coach helps you identify and work through self-imposed limitations so that you can step into the best version of yourself as a person first and then as a leader. A coach is skilled in listening, asking questions, acting as a thinking partner, holding up a mirror to blind spots, and helping you to map your future. A coach helps you think about the big picture, the little picture, the changes you want to implement, how you work with your team and peers, how you communicate, and how your actions impact the people around you, thereby impacting you.

Interplay Coaching is designed for people with too much on their plate; those who need to block out focused, one-on-one time to work through pressing issues with someone they trust.  

Coaching time is spent:

  • Taking appropriate learning assessments and discussing results, as needed

  • Conducting a leadership 360, if requested

  • Creating and working off an action plan linked to your specific goals

  • Organizing your time so you are more in control working through the pressing issues keeping you up at night

  • Developing strong communication skills

  • Understanding your Clifton Strengths profile and how to use the information in a targeted way

  • Learning about temperament and interaction styles that impact leadership capabilities

  • Asking questions that lead to high-impact discussions, getting you over self-imposed barriers

  • Learning to navigate difficult communication challenges by asking good questions

  • Helping with strategic planning sessions with key players

  • Developing a more cohesive and constructive leadership team

  • Developing clear milestones, tactics, and timelines that help your team meet goals

  • Creating more dynamic and productive meetings

  • Institutionalizing changes within the organization and with executive boards

  • Ramping up your presentations to keep your audience engaged

Client will receive:

  • A co-created coaching plan

  • Multiple tools for a variety of business needs

  • Guide to Asking Good Questions pocket tool

  • Assessments and workbooks loaded with useful information

Every leader can be re-energized and benefit from one-on-one time spent with a person who has their back and supports their evolution. Coaching is an extraordinary investment in you, your team, and your organization. Our whole purpose is to propel you to your highest level of effectiveness, to your best self.

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